Our Values

These values are extremely important to our family and we want to express these values throughout this website. 

Allergen Friendly and Healthy

At Shop for Gluten Free, we want to bring you the healthiest and tastiest food options that are allergen free. We strive to embrace all food allergies (Rache is gluten free and mostly soy and dairy free, and our 1 year old boy Zai has a severe peanut allergy). 

Earth Friendly

It is also important to us that we present products that are as eco-friendly as possible. As we grow we will be searching far and wide to be you the best products that have as little negative impact on the earth as possible.


We promote an active and healthy lifestyle and will present products and programs that we feel are beneficial to all living things. Though we do not promote a 100% vegan lifestyle, our family embraces a predominantly plant based based diet with lots of raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. We feel that this is the best way to eat for ourselves and for the health of the planet. 


Our family practices meditation and gets lots of exercise and believes that having a mindful and non-judgemental attitude is the best way to promote peace and equality on this earth. 

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