Shop for Gluten Free was created with the intention of building a community of friends and family (you!) that are living an allergen friendly lifestyle. 

Realizing that living with food allergies is truly a lifestyle, whether by choice (intolerant or health driven) or absolute necessity (celiac or anaphylactic),  we are all in this together. While the rest of the world is just now catching on to our condition or choice, we know that for most of us there really is no choice, we are living a life dedicated to avoiding certain foods that are so prevalant and taken for granted in this society.

And it’s not always easy!

We noticed that while there are many great websites dedicated to gluten free cooking, vegan cooking, paleo recipes etc, we were struggling to find a great allergen friendly resource website dedicated to living a healthy allergen friendly lifestyle.

Hence, Shop for Gluten Free was born!

Here we want to offer you as many resources as possible to make your allergen friendly lifestyle as easy as possible, with NO compromise to health, food, restaurant choice, travel, shopping, dating, entertaining etc. 

There are challenges

Yes, we realize that there some “haters” out there that want to give us a hard time because of our lifestyle. And then there are people who just don’t understand what we are up against.

But thats ok!

If we gluten free folks combine our resources we can live a life that is not lacking in any way. 

So please drop us a note, tell us your stories, suggest great restaurants, food items, places to travel, websites to engage in, books to read; anything that supports our lifestyle and helps others living like we do to thrive.

Here at Shop for Gluten Free we are truly building a community of beautiful like-minded allergen free folks.

Drop by anytime for the best resources in allergen friendly news, product reviews, recipes, travel…all things gluten and allergen free.

And please let us know if there is anything we can help out with. We would love to hear from you!

We wish you the best on this wonderful journey…. together!

Rache and Kurtis Brand

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